Monroe County wants to narrow Calkins road by 10 feet!

Current road with 21 feet on each side.

Proposed plan will reduce to 16 feet on each side.

Note: To see a cropped version of the official graphic click here

Why is the County doing this?

The county wants to slow speeders and update the water runoff.

The residents who live on and use Calkins road oppose this.
Here is a list of reasons why:

What can I do?

Calkins is a 60 year old road and is used by 10,000 vehicles per day.
If you oppose these changes you can purchase and display a sign on your lawn.
Contact Peter Matthews at 1-585-301-1121 calls only no text to purchase a sign.
You can also print out a comment form and physically mail it to the county stating that you oppose the changes.

More Info

Link to Monroe County's DOT Calkins project website.
Note: Search for "Calkins Road Improvement Project"
For more information on how the neighborhood is opposing this project contact
Peter Matthews at 1-585-301-1121 calls only no text.